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Olney richmond in his original card science reference the mystic test book was the first to introduce the amazing science hidden for all these years in the simple deck of cards. Love cards relationship reports intimate relationship report welcome to your personal love cards report. None of these names really encompasses what the birth card system is or does. Welcome to the cards of life where you will discover that your birthday is the key to unlocking your destiny. We all want love, so we have an extensive range of reports to help you with any concern or question you have in the romantic realm. Love cards pageperfect nook book by robert camp nook. Lessons in a context of love sound sour enough even without prefix.

Your destiny love cards are a must have to navigate any and all relationships. Destiny and love cards soulstice healing and wellness. Your love number will provide you with answers to all your doubts regarding the future of your relationship. Destiny card and love card reading can play and important role in your experience of our full system for life transformation which starts with the empowerment script. So, if you or your partners birthday is on the 1st, 10th, 19th or. Detailed accurate reports that combine astrology and numerology, along with the ancient science of the playing cards. The influences with astrology tell you if venus will pull you together or if pluto will tear you apart.

A brief glimpse at the cards of this male and female demonstrates that yes, cards can show us what our relationships hold for us. Final numerical totals help in defining the connections in the relationship. If you love this book, be sure to get its counterpart, the cards of destiny, by the. What your birthday reveals about you and your past, present, and future camp, robert on. Destiny cards hold keys to your destiny and inner self. Hearts ace of hearts two of hearts three of hearts four of hearts five of hearts six of hearts seven of hearts eight of hearts nine of hearts ten of hearts jack of hearts queen of hearts king of hearts. Download acrobat reader if necessary to read book of destiny, destiny life report and love cards. Now you can access your cards and the cards of anyone you. Discover the secrets on how to read your own destiny. Rainas magi cards of destiny guiding your past, present, and future self. If you fall in love with someone who is your neptune card, you will probably love them for the rest of your life, regardless of what happens or if you split up. The little book of 7 thunders refers to the name of the card deck or book based on a legendary system from lemuria and later ancient atlantis. Book of destiny reports detailed accurate reports that combine astrology and numerology, along with the ancient science of the playing cards. However, playing cards are based on an ancient system similar to the tarot.

Questions about love compatibility wander in our minds at this time of year for some singles, it can be a time to wonder about their romantic future. In cards of destiny, the mystical science of the playing cards is combined with the ancient power of the calendar to reveal the universal influences ruling each day of the year. This system is the key to unlocking the secrets of your past, present, and future. And numerology is the numerical wing of divination that is fascinating par excellence. Pick a page to get a clue about your romantic destiny, as its written now. I do readings that include numerology, astrology, cards of destiny, love cards, and tarot.

A complete guide to finding love compatibility based on numerology. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Complete with personalized horoscopes, birth chart, love compatibility, tarot readings and more, take the first step at unlocking your destiny. There are thousand of books about love, romance, relationships, marriages. Create your own destiny all the cards for your entire life are in the book. Rainas magi cards of destiny guiding your past, present. They coincide and confirm each other so perfectly that it is almost impossible to analyze a chart of any kind without evaluating multiples.

The best method to find out how compatible are you, how you click together, and what. Destiny love connection card phone readings, system combines astrology numberology tarot amazingly acurate insights for all areas of life, reveals relationship dynamics past life connectionss karmic lessons, time frames and cycles of change marriage divorce moves career issues guidance for all life challenges, and much more indepth insight. Our love synastry compatibily reading will be sent directly to your email for free, so enjoy the explanation below. Cards of your destiny reading for lady libra you have healing energy, a spiritual force. Are there simple love compatibility tests for couples. An initial attraction and similarity of interests is only one facet of it. What your birthday reveals about you and your personal. Magic love ball secret crush ask the genie fortune cookie love compatibility chinese sign compatibility work compatibility book of.

In the power of playing cards you can discover the playing card that is linked to your birthday and learn the secrets that each card holds about personality traits, love relationships, destiny, and luck. A complete guide to finding love compatibility based on. Were dedicating this post to the independent and driven numerology number 1. There are several methods using astrology, tarot, and numerology to help gauge the level of compatibility two people share. Can ordinary playing cards reveal our purpose and destiny. As you can see in the sample love compatibility chart above, we are experiencing different feelings toward each other love, irritation, friendship, limitations, illusions, challenges. This is the strongest indication of a love match and marriage. Destiny cards and love cards reports, readings, and tools for learning the. Nov 18, 2011 but nevertheless, what we see in the deck of cards is what it was originally many centuries ago. Now you can access your cards and the cards of anyone you know from any computer, anywhere in the world.

If you have already seen your love compatibility report free initial, or delux, you may wonder about small blue bar of the compatibility chart with a subtitle karmic lessons. The monthly calendar calculates your daily cards in one click. Find out how your relationship will develop ive learned this method a while ago and found it 100% precise. Astrology 101 chinese zodiac numerology born on the cusp astrology calendar free birth chart dream dictionary planets in retrograde psychic readings. The sciences of the destiny cards, astrology, numerology, and tarot are interlocking pieces of the vast puzzle of existence. These apps give you access to all the cards and all. Download my destiny cards and enjoy it on your iphone, ipad, and ipod touch. I learned this method a couple of years ago, and found it 100% precise. Balance is hard to find, but the temperance card is clear. Destiny cards, as we call today this little book of the 7 thunders, sealed for a time, has been opened to us by. The birth card, which is similar to the zodiac sign, is the most important symbol of who we are and represents our individualism and significance.

Use the birthday chart to locate once a powerful tool for time keeping and divination, an ordinary deck of playing cards hides the keys to humankinds destiny within. His other book, love cards, is also published by sourcebooks. To find out the who, what, where, when, why and how of your life, call 18009976030 usacanada toll free or. Your compatibility chart will tell you who is destined to be your soulmate and who will break your heart. Or perhaps youre in the process of picking baby names. Destiny cards and love cards reports know your destiny. From compatibility readings to those focused on helping you find someone special, deepen your current relationship, or get closure on love lost, youll find a reading personalized for you. Weve consulted top experts to provide you with the kind of information that will help, whether youre seeking personalized insight or simply looking to expand your knowledge. He has written five books revealing the secrets of the forecasting science featured in cards of your destiny. Numerology love compatibility can give you insanely accurate insight into your relationships including why you cant make it work with one partner, and sail off into the sunset with another. It contains most important questions about every humans life. Discover your past life connections with your compatibility test for couples and love in a destiny card reading and report.

I studied the basic books on these cards written by robert lee camp who to my knowledge is the current master of the order of the magi which has been passed down from master to master since before ancient egypt. Destiny cards and love cards reports know your destiny cards. Astrology and tarot can be incredibly useful tools when navigating love and relationships. The companion book to destiny cards, here you can find out how you relate to others. Compatibility in love is a question on many of our minds at any time of year. He also does personal readings for wellknown celebrities, teaches seminars and frequently appears on television and radio talk shows. There are tons of people who swear they never start any relationships before using this formula. It can be as easy as knowing their birthday and the relationship between your cards and their cards.

In the following lessons you will learn how to use one of the most powerful and accurate systems for selfunderstanding and prediction ever discovered. Jan 01, 2014 he has written five books revealing the secrets of the forecasting science featured in cards of your destiny. Cards of your destiny is a guide to help you better understand how and why you create your life the way you do. In ones heart lies the truth and in the cards lie ones destiny. Kept secret for so many years, you can now view accurate daily horoscope, periodic and yearly predictions for yourself and people you know. Are you curious about your love partnership compatibility. Fill in your and your partners date of birth and discover your compatibility number, based on our relationship numerology calculator. Love compatibility chart is the best way to see how your relationship works. Instead, the cards were much more ancient and actually held the wisdom of the ages in symbolic form. Please, enter your and your partner birthday and name below. It has been tested for centuries and works every time like a magic. This report reveals as much information about you and your partner as possible, using an ancient and highly accurate system called the book of destiny. They say, all veils would melt away to display the wonders within if one knows his way with numbers. Click the question in the book of destiny and find your answer.

The book of destiny system dates back over 20,000 years and has only recently been used with regular playing cards. I have 2 of robert camps books, love cards, and cards of destiny, i havent tried app. Through our birth card we can discover many aspects of our personality, as well as trials and limitations, our gifts and opportunities, professional tendencies, hidden strengths and much more. There are a lot of people who swear they dont even start new relationship before they enter all birthdays of people involved into this formula. Todays playing cards are so commonplace that it may seem to be a stretch that they have meaning beyond their role in gameplaying. Relationship interpretations begin with basic card information taken from life and spiritual spreads of the cards. Each birthday of the year is governed by one of the 53 playing cards. The order of the magi, led by robert lee camp, author of love cards, cards of your destiny, the art of performing transformational card readings, and other books, has a. I have 2 of robert camps books, love cards, and cards of destiny, i havent tried app yet, just downloaded it. Do you wonder about the compatibility with your new love interest. Based on richmonds work, the text became the defining classic for the cards of destiny system now popularized by robert lee camps publishing company, books, software, and website, and gina jones books and the cards of life website. It contains most important questions about everyones life, which answers may reveal your destiny. Your destiny blueprint connects your birthday, astrology, and numerology to the playing cards in the deck. The cards of life your cards your life your destiny.

With these programs you be able to generate accurately detailed readings and reports for yourself, family members, friends and your clients. Love compatibility calculator find connections between your birth cards, planetary rulers and karma cards, and see how compatible you are with your partner. I offer love card analysis and name analysis readings as well. There are ten main influences that affect any relationship. The birth card system is commonly known as egyptian astrology, cards of destiny, or the magi cards. The cards of life birthday chart provides all the days of the year with their associated card already mathematically calculated for you. Discover the secrets on how to read your own destiny welcome to this free course with robert lee camp.

According to randall, the playing cards we still use did not originate in medieval times and they had not come into being merely for games and wagering. People can reveal a half of a truth, but the ancient systems of planetary influences based on your birthday and numerology based on your birthday and name used in our love compatibility test, or love calculator, is proven 100% accurate. Each birthday of the year is associated with a main playing card, the birth card, and each tells its. We invite you to look through our website and learn more about yourself and the cards you were given the day you were born. Discover your destiny cards and view your book of destiny horoscope predictions. These apps give you access to all the cards and all the connections of anyone you want. Numerology love compatibility best matches for number 1. He has authored and published several books, including cards of your destiny, also published by sourcebooks, and lives in north carolina. Free love romantic compatibility report, which compares the astrology birth charts synastry of you and your partner, to ascertain if you are a good match from an astrological perspective. In any case i like knowing where the compatibility level is at in virtually all my.

Free reading calendar destiny book what does my name. Compare birth card descriptions for compatibility with loved ones, friends, or associates. Are you in love, but not sure he or she loves you back. Love and law are one, even as the forces in nature are one. Love calculator free ways to say if your love will last. Date picking, relocation, spiritual guidance, tarot cards, love compatibility, love horoscope, life path and destiny.

Destiny cards, psychology and religion name compatibility. Cards of your destiny by robert lee camp overdrive rakuten. Few people know that todays deck of playing cards is actually based on an ancient mystical card system akin to the tarot. An excellent study guide and companion to the book destiny cards by robert camp and the book love cards by robert camp. Discover your destiny cards and view your book of destiny horoscope. Recently, i purchased your book, the cards of destiny and have begun. In the destiny cards system, each birthday is associated with the card. The destiny cards system, the book of life, is an amazingly accurate system for understanding the life you were born into, how to tap into your gifts and talents, or be aware when challenges may be coming your way. In this series, we have been concentrating on numerology and the destiny number. Destiny love card connections readings, soul path, karmic.

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