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Chapter i properties of explosives an explosive is a. In this book the author of modern high explosives has collected much useful information about the various explosives now in use. However, this doesnt make a heated can of soup an explosive. Known as an explosive lens, these explosives all must detonate at precise times to form a spherical shock wave. For blasting in hard rock, a highvelocity explosive is preferable. Nitroglycerin, trinitrotoluene, nitroguanidine, and other high explosives are used in admixture with nitrocellulose in smokeless powders. Disclaimer this handbook provides guidance to epa staff. Its explosive potential is comparable to rdx and petn. Generally, explosives with a lower vod tend to release gas over a longer period and consequently have more heave. Blasting injuries in surface mining with emphasis on. Type 2 magazines mobile and portable indoor and outdoor magazines for the storage of high explosives.

Contentscontinued criteria for nondod explosives activities ae operations and storage on u. Explosive devices may be mechanical, chemical, or atomic. In the gun it is lighted by a flame and functions as a propellant. Organic chemistry of explosives is the first text to bring together the essential methods and routes used for the synthesis of. The speed of detonation is one of the parameters used to classify an explosive. In a softer or highly jointed rock, a lowvelocity explosive, for example,anfo with a heaving action may give satisfactory results at a lower cost. Ap has been responsible for an alarming number of maiming due to its friction sensitivity and high power. Handbook on the management of ordnance and explosives at. The vod range in commercial explosives is 25007500 ms. With few exceptions, denser explosives give higher detonation velocities and pressures. Add 20ml of ammonium hydroxide ammonia water 10% filter.

The text on the classification of explosive materials contains much data on the physical parameters of primary. Temperatures range from 16503870oc and the velocity of detonation vod is so high 25008000 ms that the power of a single charge is around 25,000 mw. On january 7, 1998, four employees were about to begin work in the production room at sierra chemicals kean canyon explosives. A quantity the size of a pea in contact with a flame will burn instantaneously with a small pop and producing a fireball. Explosives complete tutorial compiled by red dragon.

Explosive weapon effects final report acknowledgements this report and its annexes were authored by the gichd. This book is compiled by a group of students who sat with professor abu khabbab al misry may allah have mercy upon him, with his support and permission. Da pam 38564 ammunition and explosives safety standards. Errata to the 18th edition blasters handbook first printing pdf.

Ninan high energy oxidisers fcir advanced solid propellants and explosives advances in solid propellant technology, p1. Below is the explosive extracted from 20 primers, ignited unconfined. An explosive substance is one which reacts chemically to produce heat and gas with rapid expansion of matter. This worldfamous work has been enlarged and updated without tampering with its tried and tested format.

Organic chemistry of explosives wiley online books. H17032 military munitions and explosives of concern public blm manual handbook iii rel. Ive read all the books on the topic of explosives, from tiny paperbacks to 600 page volumes written by phds. Introduction to explosives and propellants part of the text from parti of this chapter has been presented. On january 7, 1998, four employees were about to begin work in the production room at sierra chemicals kean canyon explosives manufacturing facility when two large blasts.

The book contains about 500 entries arranged in alphabetical order. In confined spaces, burning may lead to detonation. Books international society of explosives engineers. Explosives bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and. An explosive substance is a solid or liquid substance or mixture of substances which is in itself capable by chemical reaction of producing gas at such a temperature and pressure and at such a speed as to cause damage to the surroundings. The editors of the report were samuel paunila gichd and n. A handbook for federal land managers, with emphasis on unexploded ordnance blm handbook h17032 fws handbook 2006 bureau of land management u. High vod explosives are more suitable in hard rock and low vod in softer rock.

Process safety management for explosives and pyrotechnics. This is a complete revision of tb 700 2, navseainst 8020. Rdx and petnbased explosives, which have increased power and shattering effects, are replacing tetryl and composite explosives containing tetryl. Be careful when pressuring the detonators by teeth, by knife, or any other tools. The chemicals that make up high explosives decompose extremely quickly. This publication sets forth detailed procedures for hazard classifying am munition and explosives in accordance with department of transportation. Pipe bombs made this way are considerably more powerful and blast out a lot of shrapnel from the used primer cup and anvils. Wiley also publishes its books in a variety of electronic formats. For free running explosives, the density is often specified as the pounds of explosives per foot of charge length in a given size borehole. The new edition contains information on polyphosphazenes, high nitrogen molecules and details on new explosives such as llm105, cl20, fox7, fox12, and dadne. Some commercial explosives with high fuel content may readily ignite and burn. Headquarters, department of the army, 1989 explosives, military. Here the explosive is in the form of cylindrical package, enclosed in paper or polythene tubings. Characteristics, properties, and overview alternate names.

Army garrisons or installations 810, page 64 subdivision of explosives quantities 811, page 65 interpolation and extrapolation 812, page 65 measuring distance 8, page 65 ammunition and explosives risk 814, page 66 blast considerations 815, page 66. Explosives is a concise handbook covering the entire field of explosives. The physics of nuclear weapons while the technology behind nuclear weapons is of secondary importance to this seminar, some. Nitroglycerin is the explosive base for commercial dynamites. The term includes, but is not limited to, dynamite and other high explosives, black powder, pellet powder, initiating explosives, detonators, safety fuses, squibs, detonating cord, igniter cord, and igniters. Some content that appears in print may not be available in electronic books. Handbook on the management of ordnance and explosives at closed, transferring, and transferred ranges and other sites interim final february 2002. For the purposes of this book an explosive will be taken to mean a substance or mixture of substances which is in itself capable 1 of. High explosives download ebook pdf, epub, tuebl, mobi. More detailed information is also provided on safety and the emtap tests. Part of the highpressure shock compression of condensed matter book series. It is prohibited having explosives and detonators together during transportation or storage. Read all about the construction of remote control cruise missiles and rc torpedoes. Arabic explosive manual translation 8 unclassifiedfor official use only page 5 of 156 10.

They produce an explosion with a velocity ranging from 3000 to 9000 meters per second. It was preceded by the booklet explosivstoffe published in 1932 by wasag, berlin, and by the handbook of industrial and military explosives published by wasagchemie in 1961 under the same name. Then top it off with my commentary on the easiest way to obtain all the materials one would need. This is the first book from a series of books aimed on this subject. Density is an important consideration when choosing an explosive.

Anfo and waterbased explosives such as water gels and emulsions are more difficult to ignite in the open. The effect explosives have on the environment has also been introduced together with relevant legislations. During the past two decades, anfo formulations have undergone numerous innovations to improve performance, shelf life, density, porosity, specific energy, and water resistance. The chemistry of explosives provides an overview of the history of explosives, taking the reader to future developments. Three common high explosives and their properties hubpages. Since an adequate supply of oxygen cannot be drawn from the air, a source of oxygen must be incorporated into the explosive mixture.

Pyrotechnic substances are included even when they do not evolve gases. Nitroglycerin is one of the most powerful high explosives. Library of congress cataloginginpublication data agrawal, j. Other classes of explosive materials may also be stored in type l magazines. Around 500 alphabetically ordered, monographic entries consider the physicochemical properties, production methods and safe applications of over 120 explosive chemicals, while discussing 70 fuels, additives and oxidizing agents and describing the.

Analysis and trends one of the strongest existing high explosives requires very little priming charge to initiate detonation can be manipulated and combined with a variety of chemicals and explosives sheet explosives frequently contain petn. Explosive materials are any chemical compound, mixture, or device, the primary or common purpose of which is to function by explosion. Shock sensitive explosives petroleum jelly and potassium chlorate in a 1 to 1 ratio by weight makes a totally safe when wet compound but is highly explosive and shock sensitive when dry. Both are high explosives and both are dangerous to handle. Either an odorless red semtex 1a and 10 or orange yellow semtex 1h moldable solid. Mechanical explosions occur when a closed system is heateda violent pressure rupture can occur. Dod ammunition and explosives hazard classification. High explosives and propellants, second edition is a fourpart book classified into high explosives, blasting accessories, application of high explosives, and deflagrating and propellent explosives. Type 1 magazines permanent magazines for the storage of high explosives, subject to the limitations prescribed by 55. Claymore mines and air cannons add spice to the stew. Relative ingredients and properties of nitroglycerinbased high explosives. Revised and expanded to reflect new developments in the field, this book outlines the basic principles required to understand the chemical processes of explosives.

Safety rules in transporting detonators and explosives 1. Federal explosives law and regulations atf home page. Part i, high explosives, centers on the general principles, manufacture, design, and assessment of this type of explosive. This book is an illustrative introduction to metamorphic rocks as seen in the fie. Alow explosive material,suchasgunpowder,smokelesspowderorfireworks,burnsmuch slower. We recognise the work of the expert group established to steer and advise this project. Fire and explosion investigations and forensic analyses. Pdf the book drawing on the authors nearly half a century of energetic. A general theory of explosives is that the detonation of the explosives charge causes a highvelocity shock wave and a tremendous release of gas. Seymour lecker brings to reality what everyone has curiosity about. First and foremost, let it be stated that chaos industries assumes no responsibilities for any misuse of the information presented in this publication. An explosive is a chemical material that is capable of extremely rapid combustion resulting in an explosion or detonation. Pdf general concepts and classification of explosives. Various forms of ngbased high explosives were used in surface blasting before the introduction of anfo.

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