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The usefulness of this diagnostic tool is dependent. How to interpret arterial blood gas results correspondence. Differences are subtle but important on venous gas. The following sixstep process helps ensure a complete interpretation of every abg. Arterial blood gas interpretation free download as powerpoint presentation. Oxygenation status is assessed using partial pressure of o 2 po 2 and haemoglobin oxygen saturation so 2. Monitoring of acidbase balance is done by testing patients arterial blood gases abgs. Following are the steps one should follow when reading the arterial blood gas and interpreting the values simultaneously.

January 9, 2018 remar nurses learning abgs for nclex. Here youll get an excellent overview and a stepwise approach to interpret abg analysis. The concentration of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood, whose partial pressures are measured along with other factors such as blood ph in order to assess oxygen saturation and other metabolic indicators in patients, especially those with respiratory disorders. When one thinks of abg analysis, oxygenation may come to mind first. Armed with just a few concepts and an arterial blood gas report, the family physician should be able to discuss the patients acidbase balance and oxygenation in relation to his ventilation. It provides a measure of oxygen diffusion across the alveoli into the blood. In cases where blood gas values do not fall into any of the above classifications, an answer unable to determine will appear when using the interpreter. Reference ranges may vary slightly and are based on the methodology, age of the patient, and reference values the particular health.

Abg interpretation is something many medical students find difficult to grasp weve been there. Basic physiological concepts, anion gap, respiratory acidosis, metabolic alkalosis, metabolic acidosis. Scribd is the worlds largest social reading and publishing site. However, the more complicated and in some ways more important part of abg analysis is ph regulation. Oxygen content o2ct, oxygen saturation sao2, and bicarbonate hco3 values are also measured. Abg interpretation a guide to understanding abgs geeky. This indispensable tool helps you assess and monitor critically ill patients in the icu or other critical care settings.

Be able to demonstrate the technique for performing an arterial puncture. Apr 03, 2020 an arterial blood gas requires the nurse to collect a small sample of blood generally, a full 1 ml. The analysis of arterial blood gas values abgs can detect the presence and identify the causes of acidbase and oxygenation disturbances. An arterial blood gas test can find ways to help your lungs do their job. Find out when you get it and what the results mean. Offers blood gas interpretation with an emphasis on clinical acidbase balance, tissue oxygenation, and measurement techniques, including pulse oximetry, and caphography. Abg interpretation a guide to understanding abgs geeky medics.

Arterial blood gas interpretation general students allnurses. Arterial blood provides more information than venous blood with regard to acidbase and oxygenation status. Jan 26, 2015 other useful information from arterial blood gases. Arterial blood gas interpretation powerpoint ppt xpowerpoint. Arterial blood gases indications and interpretation. When arterial blood ph is blood is said to be acidemic, and the condition is called acidosis. Interpreting an arterial blood gas abg is a crucial skill for physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, and other health care personnel. Arterial blood gas values have five basic components that you use to assess patients. The blood gas components value from mixed venous blood and arterial blood is nearly the same except for oxygen pressure po 2 and saturation so 2. Arterial blood gas analysis is an essential part of diagnosing and managing a patients oxygenation status and acidbase balance.

Weve created this guide, which aims to provide a structured approach to abg interpretation whilst also increasing your understanding of each results relevance. Arterial blood gas definition of arterial blood gas by the. Partial pressure of o 2 po 2 is measured by amperometry, while so. View and download powerpoint presentations on arterial blood gas interpretation powerpoint ppt. Interpretation of arterial blood gas pubmed central pmc.

Arterial blood gas analysis workshop page 4 of 8 arterial blood gas analysis workshop scenario 1 initial information a 75 year old man presents to the accident and emergency department after a witnessed out of hospital vf cardiac arrest. Body temperature can also affect arterial blood gas tensions. However, the femoral artery and brachial artery can be used if necessary. Analysis of arterial blood gases a comprehensive approach. It discusses the various components on an abg report, the normal ranges and the significance of abnormal readings. Observed deficiencies can then be grouped into those caused by defective ventilation, gas exchange pathology in the lungs, and metabolic factors, thus.

Interpretation of arterial blood gas analysis seems complicated. The interpretation of arterial blood gases australian. An arterial blood gas abg is a test that measures the oxygen tension pao 2, carbon dioxide tension paco 2, acidity ph, oxyhemoglobin saturation sao 2, and bicarbonate hco 3 concentration in arterial blood. Arterial blood gas interpretation hemoglobin breathing. Clinical application of blood gases download ebook pdf. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. This part examines the physiology of the various lines of defence in the body and explores the concept of compensation. Arterial cannulation is helpful when multiple arterial blood gas measurements are necessary over time and in patients for whom continuous blood pressure or cardiac output monitoring is desirable. Even relatively small changes can be detrimental to cellular function. Arterial blood gas interpretation, abg analysis, rules for rapid abg analysis, anion gap, approach to mixed disorders introduction arterial blood gas abg analysis is an essential part of diagnosing and managing a patients oxygenation status and acidbase balance. Arterial blood gas interpretation abg arterial blood gas analysis is used to measure the partial pressures of oxygen pao2, carbon dioxide paco2, and the ph of an arterial blood sample. It is possible to have a mixed respiratory and metabolic disorder that makes interpretation of an arterial blood gas result difficult. Interpreting and using the arterial blood gas analysis.

Covers blood gas electrodes and quality assurance, acidbase. Arterial blood gas definition of arterial blood gas by. Components of the arterial blood gas the arterial blood gas provides the following values. Aug 11, 2008 arterial blood gas interpretation slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The process of analysis and monitoring of arterial blood gas abg is an essential part of diagnosing and managing the oxygenation status and acidbase balance of the highrisk patients, as well as in the care of critically ill patients in the intensive care unit. Each case is then followed by an explanation of the acidbase status, the oxygenation status and a summary of the patients clinical picture. The arterial blood gas provides the following values. The paramedics arrived after 10 minutes, during which cpr had not been attempted. Arterial blood gas bicarbonate respiratory system free. The wide range of oxygenation values between arterial and venous blood is the reason why the peripheral venous blood is never used to measure the patients status of oxygenation, table 3 6. In case of delay, the sample should be placed in ice and such iced sample can be processed upto 2 hours without affecting the blood gas values.

An arterialblood gas abg test measures the amounts of arterial gases, such as oxygen and carbon dioxide. Stepbystep approach to arterial and venous blood gas analysis step 1. Arterial blood gas free download as powerpoint presentation. The body operates efficiently within a fairly narrow range of blood ph acidbase balance. Thus, will be impaired in lung disease such as copd. Arterial blood gas determinations of pco2 provide the most accurate determinations of the adequacy of alveolar ventilation, but capillary, transcutaneous, and end tidal techniques are also useful. We may be presented increasingly with venous blood gases 2. Introduction the term blood gas analysis bga is used for laboratory testing that relates to acidbase balance and oxygenation status of a patient. Blood can be drawn via an arterial stick from the wrist, groin, or above the elbow.

Arterial blood gas interpretation felicia ratnaraj internal medicine pgy 3. Therefore, a basic understanding of how to interpret abg results can be useful for pharmacists to help them clarify the clinical picture. Arterial blood gas analysis is a common investigation in emergency departments and intensive care units for monitoring patients with acute respiratory failure. This is the second of a twopart unit discussing arterial blood gas abg analysis. This workshop is intended as a basic introduction to arterial blood gas interpretation. Arterial blood bas abg procedure and interpretation. Part 1 outlined background information on abg reports and focused on a systematic approach to abg analysis. This is the first of a twopart unit on arterial blood gas abg analysis, and focuses on background information and basic interpretation of abgs where no evident compensation is taking place. Arterial blood gas abg interpretation is something many medical students find difficult to grasp weve been there. The procedures for obtaining and handling arterial blood gas specimens in. This part examines the physiology of the various lines of defence. Know some of the indications and contraindications for performing an arterial puncture.

The 6 easy steps to abg analysis are listed below for easy reference, and will be explained in more detail in the sections that follow. Therefore, the 6 easy steps to abg analysis were developed to provide nurses with an accurate and systematic method of easily interpreting arterial blood gases. Mar 18, 2020 interpretation of arterial blood gas analysis seems complicated. Gas chapter 6 blood gas and critical care analyte analysis. Abg interpretation is especially important in critically ill patients. Find powerpoint presentations and slides using the power of, find free presentations research about arterial blood gas interpretation powerpoint ppt. An arterial blood gas abg analysis can tell you about a patients oxygenation, acidbase balance, pulmonary function, and metabolic status. The partial pressure of oxygen that is dissolved in arterial blood.

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