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You can do the exercises online or download the worksheet as pdf. Pronombre relativos en ingles onomastica estilo ficcion. I met the writer who wrote that book josh is the boy whose friend built my house. Relative pronouns interactive exercises i superprof. Descargatelo en formato pdf poniendo tu correo electronico. Ejercicios imprimibles, hojas reproducibles, gramatica, recursos y ejercicios pdf. This is the picture which that caused such sensation. Pronombres relativos en ingls en ingls existen pronombres relativos derivados del protoindoeuropeo kwe kwo como las formas which, who. Lesson 16 who whom which what pronombres relativos author. Of which is possible for things, but it is unusual except in very formal english.

Pronombres relativos ejercicios aprender espanol en internet. Ejercicios con pronombres relativos aprender espanhol e. Lesson 16 who whom which what pronombres relativos. Explicacion y ejemplos pronombres relativos en ingles ejercicio. Pronombres relativos ejercicios imprimibles pdf aprender espanol. Defining relative clauses these describe the preceding noun in such a way as to distinguish it from other nouns. Descargar ejercicio relativos pdf en ingles con soluciones incluidas. Relative pronouns ejercicios who, whom, which, that y.

Pronombres relativos answers the words in red are the answers for the exercise, but they are accompanied by other possible answers. Ejercicio 1 relativos en ingles ejercicios ingles online. The student answered the question which surprised the teachers. Relativos en ingles ejercicio pdf ejercicios ingles online. Relative pronouns relative pronouns introduce relative clauses.

Relative clauses which using which to modify the whole sentence first spot the difference between the two sample sentences below then decide whether to use comma in following sentences or not. Pronombres relativos en ingles con ejemplos y ejercicios. Estas palabras nos ayudan a crear frases complejas en ingles. His house, whose windows are all broken, was a depressing sight.

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